NetApp Keystone

What NetApp Keystone is?

After this years NetApp’s Insight I’m getting questions what NetApp Keystone actually is.  The answer is quite straightforward  “The NetApp Keystone is a new consumption model where you can choose performance tier, pick a storage service (file, block, object) and you can choose if you will manage it by yourself or let NetApp take care of it”. Customers can order storage or combining a compute and storage. Operating model used is cloud/service-oriented, and you pay as you use. We are used to ordering cloud service and use it at cloud-providers locations, but with NetApp Keystone this is also changed we can order capacity and use it on-prem but with cloud consumption billing model and flat, predictable pricing. 

But then a new question arises how NetApp can offer a consumption model without a risk?

NetApp has already implemented in products a working efficiency, performance and availability guarantee and with ActiveIQ can preform smart health checks and provide AI-powered insights, which can give a NetApp and customers very exactly information what will their consumption be in next months, years.

The last question usually is what will I get when I order NetApp Keystone services.

So if you will order capacity to be located on-premise, you will get storage from All-Flash FAS series from AFF A220 to AFF A800, which model will you gets depends upon your requirements. If you want to order both compute and storage, they will deliver a NetApp HCI, which will be configured upon customers requirements and nodes will be added as needed. NetApp Keystone services based on cloud services located at cloud providers are well-known cloud volume services Azure NetApp Files, Cloud Volumes for AWS and Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform and multi-cloud services from Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Tiering to NetApp Kubernetes Service, Cloud Backup Service.

In general, NetApp Keystone is a service-oriented product build-up from the most popular NetApp product.