vSphere 6.7 update 1 – what’s new?

vSphere 6.7 update 1 – what’s new?

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Couple of days back new version of vSphere was released. Even if is just a minor update there a lot of new features and functionalities were released. The most important improvement was made on vSphere Client which is not the only client you will need to manage vCenter server. Finally, fully featured HTML5 vSphere client was released. You will never again need to switch to flash based client to run vSphere Update Manager (VUM) also many processes were simplified and will take you less time to configure. Users wishes were also fulfilled with dark theme. Multiple workflows were also removed and cut down to one workflow.

Couple of weeks back I needed to reconfigure vCenter with Embedded PSC to use new standalone PSC procedure to do that was complex and took some time to figured it up. vCenter Server Converge tool is a tool which helps you switch PSC configuration much easier and quicker. When I will upgrade this specific environment, I can also change configuration back to embedded PSC because from version vSphere 6.7 and even vSphere 6.5 U2 enhanced linked mode is supported. vCenter Server Converge tool can be used also to repoint vCenter Server with embedded PCS to another vSphere SSO Domain.

Security is one of top topic in IT industry, so all vendors tries to include security features into their solutions. VMware is no different. They introduced vSphere Platinum. New edition of vSphere delivers advanced security capabilities integrated into the hypervisor. VMware combined VMware AppDefense and vSphere with aim to bring secure applications to users. Beside VMware AppDefence VMware Platinum delivers FIPS 140-2 validated VM encryption and cross vCenter Encrypted vMotion, secure boot for ESXi and virtual machines, TPM 2.0 for ESXi and support for Microsoft virtualization-based security.

I am sure that anybody who manages VMware based virtual environment who already experienced problem when vCenter database was flooded with identical events over short period of time. Now with burst filter this will not be a problem anymore, because burst filter will block event bursts to flood database. New version of vCenter 6.7 update 1 also added screening for issues which proactively provides links to VMware KB articles and shortens solving time for issues.

For sure this update will go to history book of IT as last version of vCenter which is supported on Microsoft OS Windows Server and the first with fully featured vSphere Client.

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